The Wrong Debate: Why Do We Idolize Rather Than Admire?

The Great Indian Election Circus has ended in Karnataka. While some voted, some vetoed. Facebook is abuzz with pictures of inked fingers (thumbs, this year). People proud of having done their part in choosing a leader who will bring the country out of its misery. The winner has already been decided by popular polls and media hype. I am just glad that this drama will finally come to an end on 16th May 2014. I can finally skim through Facebook without having to look at fanboy posts about their favourites. And what fanboys they are!

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8 Ways to Succeed in Bollywood

Bollywood is evolving. Not maturing, but evolving. It’s the era of money. If a film makes money it’s good. If not, well…. Critical acclaim be damned, we want entertainment. A movie’s fate is decided in 3 days. There are no silver jubilees, no 100 days. It’s all about 100 crores. The new benchmark of Bollywood. So how do we reach that coveted title? Here are a few tips and tricks to make a profitable Bollywood career.

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The Devdas Syndrome – Turning Heartbreak Into Hatred

Everyone has had the pleasure of having dumped someone. Most of us have faced the pain of being dumped. Some of us have cried for sometime and (hopefully) have moved on. We’ve emerged better than before, having experienced love and loss. Others not so much. They wallow in their sorrow and turn bitter. This is especially true of boys. ¬†Now, I am not being biased. I am sharing an experience that I have seen far too many times.


Devdas: The Tragic Hero

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The Power of Introverts: Susan Cain (TED)

I’ve been an introvert for as long as I can remember. I like hanging out with my friends but I love hanging out with my books more. I don’t talk much but if it’s a topic I like I can go on for hours. I analyze things rather than jump on them and accept. I think better when I am alone. My best ideas arise when I am by myself.¬†There are many of my kind out there. Unfortunately we are labelled “shy” or in my case “arrogant” or “snob”. The following video is a delightful insight on the importance of introverts and the difference they make. Click to Watch