Facebook Experiment: The Birthday Mishap

Admit it! We rarely remember birthdays of our family and friends let alone the rest of the insignificant world. So what happens when you change your birthday on Facebook. The answer: people wish you anyway.

Facebook has a convenient space allocated right below your username on the home page at the top right corner shouting out birthday reminders. All one has to do is log on to Facebook, go to the person’s page and wish him/her. Convenient? Definitely. Because it saves us the time and energy to pick up the phone and actually call the person. It just takes a few seconds to type “Happy Birthday” on the wall whereas calling drains your time and ups your phone bill.


Do people remember your birthday or does Facebook remind them?


I changed my birthday from the actual date to another. On the alleged day, I received wishes from many on my friends list. People who had already celebrated my birthday a few months ago were wishing me the same now. People I don’t talk to at work; just wave and say ‘Hi’ were blessing me. People who wouldn’t talk to me on the street were telling me to have a blast.

I was a little saddened by the fact that I had deceived innocent people for my devious experiment. But I had to do it to prove my point.

On the other hand,  I was happy that my closest friends and relatives did not wish me (secretly hoping that they knew my real birthday). Some even remembered the day and made jokes about it.


Personalizing a wish is long gone. We depend on Facebook to remind us of the special days in someone’s life. A person’s life is described and summarized in Facebook’s INFO page. And from this page we draw conclusions about them. Facebook may have made meeting distant friends easy but it has also distanced us from reality. All that Facebook has given us is a virtual wall to talk, an event reminder to remember dates and 24 hours to waste.


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