Facebook Experiment: The Engagement

Staying in a big city with relatives spread all over becomes difficult for people to go door-to-door and distribute invites for their special day. So Facebook took care of it and lets you invite them online. With oil prices rising and recession on our head every two years it seems like a good idea to turn virtual. Just create an EVENT, send it to whoever and wait for them to click YES, NO or MAYBE as attendance.


How many shocked comments on finding out that I am ‘engaged’?


My relationship status went from ‘Single’ to ‘Engaged’ courtesy my sinister mind. Within a matter of minutes, all hell broke loose. Worried colleagues and friends messaging me and asking about it. I assured them that it was just for fun. They had a laugh.

But relatives are not that easy to get off your back. They pray that you succeed, but just a tad less than them. They bless you to be happy, but not really mean it. They care about your choices, as long as it has their consent. And so it happened to me. Cousins, aunts, uncles and everyone remotely related to me were asking about my mysterious partner. They were probably worried that I would become a runaway bride. One relative, during a party, took me aside and calmly asked me who the lucky person was. I told him that it was a joke but he wasn’t convinced. He then asked my mother who it was. And what happened after that was, for lack of a better word, tiring. How do you explain a fictitious fiancee to your family. But finally everything blew over.

As for my experiment, it was a little bumpy in the middle but successful.


The punchline of a joke is inversely proportional to the mentality of your relatives.


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