The Epic Battle: Harry Potter vs Twilight

I have always expressed my displeasure at Twilight for the following reasons:

  1. I was bored after reading it. Not literature, great or otherwise. Just a girl’s rant about the “Oh! So Amazingness of Mr. Sparkley Vampire”.
  2. The comparisons to Harry Potter (my favourite). They are different. Any comparison would be an insult to Harry Potter.
  3. The fans. Many fan girls are teens and tweens. They get down to abuse, verbal and apparently physical sometimes. Forget debate, it’s always an argument with them.Β There are fans that are sensible enough to take this war in good stride.

So here I have a collection of Harry Potter vs Twilight pictures. Just for laughs.

The arguments. (link)

The fans. (link)

The reasons. (link)


Sometimes I feel the same but the book isn’t mine and my friend loves it. (link)

Misguidance. (link)

Inspiration. (link)

The unfortunate reality. (link)


I agree. (link)


6 thoughts on “The Epic Battle: Harry Potter vs Twilight

  1. To. Rebecca M. Sirius Black is an animagus and Jacob Black is a wanna be werewolf. If you want a real werewolf then check out Remus Lupin. Also Harry Potter was made before Twilight so there would have to be something like a time turner only in reverse for J.K. Rowling to copy it.

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  2. I like Twilight, it’s a nice romantic book, but honestly, it never competed to HP… Harry Potter is the best book ever written (according to me) but that doesn’t mean that it has to compete with Twilight. They are two entirely different books and stories so can’t we just get along? ❀

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