From ‘Lang’ to ‘Slang’: A Shortcut

“It’s about time. I’ll be there in 5 minutes”. This text message got me a surprised reaction from my friend. According to her, “s bot tym. b der in 5” would’ve sufficed. She always asks me the same question – why do I type the complete word instead of the ‘much easier’ ones? And I say, “It’s my version of an OCD”. Sometimes I wonder the same. I get annoyed when I use the so called ‘shortcuts’ for any kind of writing.

During my trips over the internet I come across absurd words that I believe have to be put to rest. These words make the speaker sound like a rapper. And apparently that makes them cool and hip. Here are some of the words that have evolved beyond my recognition and some that just sound stupid. Any additions let me know.

1. ABOUT: Three different words with different meanings all conveying the same message.

2. BECAUSE: Another three generation detriment.

3. LITTLE: I have very little patience with this one.

4. MY: This one’s appropriate for Mother’s Day.

5. REMEMBER: I wish I could remember the good old times when this was still a usable word.

6. THE: This is the one I feel for the most.

7. THEN: And then it all blew up one day.

8. WHATEVER: Wish I could say the same.

9. YOUR: There were good times when it was not seen as something that came out of Lil Wayne’s mouth.


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