Duckface: A Dedication

We see it every time we browse the internet. It hits us on our face when we click on it. From unhinged celebrities to adolescent teens everyone is doing it. And it’s spreading fast. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the DUCKFACE. My post on the types of profile pictures missed out on the duckface. There is something about it that requires a separate article. Thanks to Katie (Sass and Balderdash) for the suggestion.

Is it a kiss? Is it a pout?
It’s funny and annoying, without a doubt.
It’s everywhere, every place
A mental scar, leaves the dreaded duckface.

What is a duckface?
For people born in the pre-internet era, a duckface is the face of a duck.
For the more unfortunate ones, a duckface is a pout-y/kiss-y face made by a person with the intention of being sexy and desirable.

Duckface (source)

I understand that everyone wants to be a desirable object but this is dragging it too far. Aping Angelina Jolie, Miley Cyrus and Robert Pattinson with the pout has become the ‘in’ thing. The sad part is it makes the person look like, as the name suggests, a duck. It is neither sexy nor cool. It has become a fad among teens to post absurd pictures with the duckface switch turned on. Now is the ‘teenage rules’ era. Everything from Twilight to Justin Bieber to the duckface have been made popular by this generation. Seems like evolution is going horribly wrong.

What’s wrong with a good old smile? The duckface makes me want to cut my hair off, burn and eat it. I have been at the giving end of a duckface and to my horror it was caught on camera. I regret it to this day. My message to all the duckface lovers out there; STOP IT! PLEASE.

What do you think of the duckface? Let me know.


One thought on “Duckface: A Dedication

  1. Ha! I LOVE this! I hate the duckface. There isn’t ONE scenario where anyone has ever thought, “I wonder he/she would look like while making a duckface… That would be so sexy…” Never!


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