The Krishna Key – Ashwin Sanghi: A Review

Title: The Krishna Key

Published: 2012

Type: Adventure, Thriller

Five millennia have passed since Lord Krishna graced the Earth. Fate brought him and his miracles to light in the 21st century. The Krishna Key is the quest to unravel the divine secrets of Krishna and acquire something that would change the course of mankind forever.

Ravi Mohan Saini, a historian who holds the key to unravel this mystery. He is set against Taarak Vakil, who fashions himself as the final avatar of Vishnu. Together they take us through a journey that makes us question our beliefs and answer our doubts.

Two authors having the same style of storytelling is not uncommon. The same is with Ashwin Sanghi. His style mirrors that of Dan Brown. The same thrills, same excitement, same page-turners and finally the same disappointment in the end. The Krishna Key is a fantastic novel which combines the wisdom of the ages and the thrills of today. I read the first 250 pages in 4 hrs (which is big for me). It builds anticipation and delivers it. But after the mystery is revealed it tends to slag.  Like Dan Brown the excitement leads to nothing and gets preachy at the end. Nonetheless, it is a great read. The interpretation is different from normal Krishna folklore. This book will give you a taste of both history and mystery.


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