Unrequited – The One That Never Can Be

Love happens to all. For some it’s once. For others, more. Some are successful, some aren’t. We forget the ones that end badly and thank our fate for the ones that stick forever. But there is always someone in our life who is not destined for us and we know it. Yet, we yearn for one chance to be with them. That someone is meant to touch our life and become a memory forever.

They are not our choice for permanence nor are they a mandatory acceptance. They just ARE. A part of our dreams and nightmares. We are speechless in front of them but have a lot to tell. Their separation pains us. There is an urgency to hold them close to us and a fierce passion to be with them. But all in our minds. We never express our emotions for fear of having them spurned. We never try to step out of the space in which we are enclosed.

Anytime we see them on the street our eyes widen and look at them forgetting the rest of the world. Any mention of them and our heart flutters. When a song reminds us of them we smile. They bring hope that there is someone who may want us too. They create a cosy nook in our heart where we can safely retreat when we are alone.Β Why do they come into our lives is a mystery. But we’re glad that they do. And they are best left unerased.


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