Friends: They’ll Be There For Us

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival” -C.S.Lewis

Everyone in this life has a minimum of 1 friend. If Facebook was factual then everyone has over 100 friends. Since we live in the real world we can safely say that our nearest and dearest friends could be counted on our fingers. They listen to us, bark at us, mock us, embarrass us and finally console us. Speaking to my friends the other day I realized maybe everyone has friends like mine. Or maybe not. Let’s examine.


What they do: Argue about how their gender is superior to yours and end arguments by saying “You won’t understand”.

Why the need: It’s easy to appreciate someone who is of the same nature as yours. Someone from the other end of the line will provide you with perspective through their eyes. You get to see the differences and become more open-minded in your dealings in the gender-war.


What they do: Dissect every little atom remotely related to their cult/hobby and make you a part of it.

Why the need: They help with homework, notes, exams and much more. Heck! They help you get into NASA. Knowledge is a very powerful tool. You, thus, get to be someone other than an airhead.


What they do: Gets out of every sticky situation, rarely pays attention, does not follow rules yet manages to be a success.

Why the need: Knowledge will take the horse to the water. If you’re smart you’ll make it drink. They show you that life is more than just swallow-and-puke. They help us survive reality.


What they do: Gets the best looking partner, takes hours to get ready and annoys you about their boyfriend/girlfriend-of-the-day.

Why the need: The world looks at you only if you are pretty or weird. There is no middle ground. At times it can be annoying but mostly it is a blessing. They make you understand that though it looks rosy at the surface, life treats everyone equally.


What they do: Are sweet, nice, charming and everyone’s pet.

Why the need: They bring about a sense of simplicity where nothing is overdone and stretched.


What they do: Joke about everything that has a punchline near Pluto.

Why the need: Life isn’t about brooding, sulking, crying and complaining. It’s about seeing the funny side in every situation. They make us laugh over the flimsiest joke, make fun of the most serious situation and ruin the experience of watching  Shawshank Redemption.


What they do: Call once every 6 months/year to invite you to their wedding or some other occasion yet talk like you corresponded just yesterday.

Why the need: They give us space to grow. Not every problem has to be discussed, not every issue gossiped about and not every joke shared.


Whoever or however they are, they mould us into a becoming a better person. They bring out a side in us that we hide when among others. They are our solution to loneliness.


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