Facebook Experiment: To Like Or To Share

Facebook has eased our life by letting us share happy moments and appreciate things we like. But, as is with all other things Facebook has ruined, these pleasures have bitten dust. Now every blade of grass, crow feather and chipped nail has a picture and we are hit with the choice of “Like”-ing or “Share”-ing it.

What do I mean? Here goes. How many of you have seen the following image or something similar on Facebook?

Everyday I am bombarded with pictures like this asking me to “Like” and “Share” stuff that I don’t give two bananas about. Everything from spit bubbles to space shuttles has been beaten to death with this phenomenon.

Why I ask? What will happen if I like the picture? What does it signify? Does it say anything about me? Am I entitled to whatever is in the picture? Are these pictures supposed to make me feel better about something? I don’t get it. I agree with the concept of liking/sharing news, pictures (meaningful ones), posts or videos that actually mean something to me and wanting to share it with everyone. A post or photo has to mean something which, when someone “Like”-s/”Share”-s, will make the poster feel that their pictures or opinions are good in actuality.

This is more of an observation than an experiment because I really don’t have irrelevant pictures to put up and ask people to “Hit Like if you agree” or “Hit Share if you agree” for this experiment.


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