Animals: Forever And After

Whenever I come home frustrated from the day’s work I just want to go to my room, slam the door as hard as I can and scream my lungs off. I prepare for this drama while I climb the stairs to my apartment. In the 30 seconds between opening the door and me entering the house my mind has changed. I am now happy and cheerful. What brought on the change? Harry. My cat. She always waits by the door when she hears me walking up and greets me with a sweet meow.

Everybody should have a pet. They may be messy and noisy but, in the end, they’re worth it. They keep us healthy by making us play with them. They are great company when we feel lonely. They make us feel better when we are down. They stick with us even though we are, sometimes, cross with them. Finally, they love us for who we are.

There’s something about these creatures we call pets that makes us love ourselves and others. Their unconditional affection and loyalty equals no human. They make you forget your day’s tensions and calm you down. In their 15 – 20 years of existence they give us memories that last us a lifetime.


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