Nothing Lasts Forever – Sidney Sheldon: A Review

Title: Nothing Lasts Forever

Released: 1994

Type: Thriller/Drama

I love Sidney Sheldon for two reasons. One, all his novels are different from one another. Two, all his novels have an unexpected twist in the end.

This book is about three doctors; Paige Taylor, Kat Hunter and Honey Taft. The story revolves mostly in the hospital that they work in and chronicles their life there. Paige, a doctor who inherits millions from a dead patient. Why? Kat, bold and beautiful, and the victim of her own game. How? Honey, from a demure duck to a proud peacock, her travel to the top is a result of many sexual rest stops. But they realize success is not easy to live with and they have to make choices that will  make them risk not only their careers but also their lives.

Nothing Lasts Forever is the first book that I read by Sidney Sheldon and I read it in one sitting. This is his best. I just could not put the book down. There’s a lot of excitement racing through it’s pages. There are questions that need answers and you won’t get them until you drain the last dregs of the book. And finally, the twist will leave you stunned. Characters are developed, details are sketched and the canvas is spread out. All you have to do is pick up the book and savor it’s thrill.


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