The World And Its Possibilities

Everyone has the same dream. To do something other than what they are doing today. We want to be free and live life on our terms. Go wherever we want. Do whatever we want. And just be happy. Then Monday happens and we drag ourselves to work and start whining.

  1. 9 hours of work
  2. 2 hours travelling to work
  3. 2 hours travelling from work
  4. 3 hours surfing the internet
  5. 2 hours cooking, cleaning and other life chores
  6. 6 hours of sleep (normally)

Where is the time to do anything else?

Everyone wants to be the the displaced water in a bucket, because only when it’s displaced that it goes somewhere. Some people get opportunities, some create and some grab. We all have a chance to be the person that we want to be. But reality is harsh and uncaring. Opportunities are marred by obligations. Work is synonymous with worry. Hard work leads to hardship. Reality obstructs realization. Dreams create and reality shatters. We are afraid that if our dreams take over, reality will hit us hard.

The solution; Time. Time is something that we all are blessed with equally. And it’s free. It’s just a matter of making time for doing what you want. It’s not about what we do but WHEN we do them that matters. It’s not about slogging for hours planning and making excuses before execution. It’s about pursuing it till it is achieved. Time hurts and eventually time heals.


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