Veto Election: The Zero Vote

Every time elections are around I get sick. Sick of the same old political speeches, false promises and fake smiles stuck on every channel on T.V. The cringe-worthy reaction is not only for those overplayed dramatic emotions, it’s for the message at the end of the drama that says, “Your vote could make the difference”.


Now the normal voting procedure would be:

  1. Waste time filling up a voter ID form.
  2. Get the ID after a few years of filling it (not joking).
  3. Wait for an election to commence.
  4. Check for the nearest voting venue.
  5. Get my finger inked.
  6. Enter a cubicle/booth.
  7. Choose the potential candidate from a list.
  8. Vote.

Now that got me thinking. What if I don’t vote? What if every person in the country doesn’t vote? What will happen? Will there be new candidates selected? Will there be a re-voting? Will there be no one elected?

For a person to vote with confidence he/she should believe that the person politician (a politician is never a person), once elected, will provide for a hassle-free life. The elected member should reform not rule. But that isn’t happening, is it? There are too many issues and very few being addressed. Every law has a political loophole. Freedom of choice becomes a forced choice when there is no one suitable to fill that post.

But, I wonder, is there such a rule/clause/law/act that allows us to cast a vote for nobody? They say, “Vote Smart”, but I think, when unsure, it’s smart not to vote.


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