Movie Review: 3 Idiots (2009)

Movie: 3 Idiots

Year of Release: 2009

Language: Hindi

Starring: Sharman Joshi, Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan, Boman Irani, Kareena Kapoor and Omi Vaidya.

Director: Rajkumar Hirani

Adapted from Chetan Bhagat’s novel Five Point Someone, 3 Idiots captures the life of a typical Indian student where success is measured by the marks you score in your exams. IIMs and IITs are stepping stones to a better job and that is the dream; a salaried job. It gives an insight into the reality of student life in India by poking fun at it. Beneath all the humour there is a dark reality that is put across in a subtle way. It does not talk down to you but talks to you.

3 idiots has the distinction of being the highest grossing Indian film ever. And here is the reason:

  1. It has Aamir Khan. He has a great marketing mind that makes up for his pathetic acting skills.

The actors who should receive credit are:

  1. Sharman Joshi, a highly under-rated actor who portrays the ‘poor-yet-hardworking-student-wanting-a-good-job’ character well.
  2. Omi Vaidya as Chatur, single-handedly delivers the best scene in the movie. He is the sole reason why I watched this movie twice.
  3. Boman Irani as the harsh principal Virus who makes students’ life miserable.

Aamir Khan does nothing new. Kareena Kapoor was not needed. I bet if you omit the scenes with Kareena Kapoor you will still understand the movie and not miss anything. Madhavan is just a filler.  The movie is good but nothing memorable. The jokes (the Aamir Khan ones) are stale; not funny at all. The love story is boring and unnecessary. But don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of funny moments. Watch it for Omi Vaidya’s speech and you’ll not regret it.

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