Malala Yousafzai: The Angel’s Advocate


Being born human is a blessing. That’s what we have been taught. It’s really not. It is a race; to survive and last. But being humane is something that very few are gifted with. Murders, assassinations  rapes are commonplace. The institution of life has taken a backseat. Fear is what drives the world today. The will to survive is stronger than the will to live. We accept unfair, illegal or wrong decisions just because it pushes our life a little forward. Standing up to them would end in misery.

That is precisely what happened to a girl whose only wish was a good education. Her answer came in a rain of bullets. What was her mistake? She dreamt of being an individual rather than a doormat. She brought hope and happiness in her life through education. Knowledge is a dangerous thing. Who knows what she would have done? She would have educated other girls and made their lives better. She would have raised her voice and advocated for better living. She asked for a book and got bullets in return. All this at such a young age.

There is no bigger hypocrite than power. Power says, “Women should be protected from prying eyes and respected by all”. But it also says, “Suppress her feelings and independence so that she can feel that her life is unworthy of anything meaningful. Let her live in fear and distress so that her husband can brag about his control over her. Punish her if she steps out, hit her if she retaliates and kill her if necessary”. How dare she ask for an education? What right does she have to it? The reason she was put on earth was to serve her family, isn’t it? Men make rules for women and so it is their birthright to be loyal and servile. And “equality”? What’s that?

She isn’t the first and she won’t be the last. Girls and women will still be harassed and killed. But her story has opened doors for many girls who want that pinch of freedom that they have been deprived. Inadvertently the attack on her has strengthened the resolve for women’s education. Applause is too small an honour for this girl.


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