The Downfall Of The “Actor”

Hindi cinema is evolving. But not necessarily for the better. Here actors are not actors; they aren’t even people. They are the manifestations of our dreams. They live the life we want. Their problems are our problems. Their failure is our failure. Today a movie is not about talent or acclaim, it is about creating a spectacle and earn money.

Indian movies are made for the masses. Not for the classes. The more stupid the movie is chances are it has the potential to become a success. And by success I mean it will make a lot of money. A sensible movie is categorized into “Parallel Cinema”. A mindless movie is termed “Blockbuster”. Movies are made to relieve stress not to honour talent. Movies are either remakes of South Indian films (Wanted, Rowdy Rathore, Bodyguard, Singham) or are sequels (Golmaal 2/3, Dabangg 2, Housefull 2). Originality has long been bid adieu.

Cinema employees are broadly classified into two:

  • They are knowledgeable about the art of acting.
  • They take on projects that are challenging and different.
  • They wear their characters’ mask and become them.
  • They receive critical acclaim but are denied commercial success.


  • They know the producers, directors, distributors etc.
  • They know that the camera thingamajiggy is the one that is pointed at them.
  • They have makeup artists, vanity vans, a person to hold the umbrella during rains, a chair carrier, a person to fan them when their makeup starts drying, 2 assistants, 1 manager etc.
  • They earn a bucket-load of cash for just showing up anywhere.
  • They look the same in 90% of their movies.

What Hindi cinema needs is a makeover, for the better. Movies with a good plot, solid characters and sensible direction need to be encouraged rather than Stars and their brood.


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