Movie Review: I Love You, Man (2009)

Movie: I Love You, Man

Year of Release: 2009

Language: English

Starring: Paul Rudd, Jason Segal and Rashida Jones

Genre: Comedy

We all need a friend. That’s the message of this movie. When Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) proposes to his girlfriend Zooey Rice (Rashida Jones) he has no idea what’s in store for him. He’s a friendless guy who finds solace in watching HBO with Zooey. After he overhears Zooey and her friends discuss his friendless status he begins his search for a best man for his wedding and probably a best friend. After several unsuccessful meetings with different men (and some dates) he meets Sydney (Jason Segal) and he’s found his friend.

Simple and straightforward is the best way to describe the movie. It’s a pleasant relief from regular romantic comedies. This is a bromantic one. They are awkward, they share interests, they get angry at each other, they embarrass themselves and they still look out for each other. This movie never gets boring for me. So watch it because it’s all about that special friend you can always count on.



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