Books: The Tradition

What is the definition of a good book? One that is grammatically correct, witty, meaningful? My definition – A good book is one you enjoy reading. Irrespective of the genre, the purpose of a book is to entertain. Reading a book frees you. The few hours that you spend immersed in the book takes you to a world unbound by worry. When I was in school, I enjoyed reading my Zoology text-book. The scientific names of plants, the arrangement of leaves on the stem (Phyllotaxy, I think), the classifications of flowers and trees everything was fascinating to me. I enjoyed the book so much that I kept it with me for 10 years. Every book offers a new experience.

Boring books can be interesting. Interesting books can be slow. Best-selling authors can write bad books. And an average writer can dish out an extraordinary book. Books are the basis for 3/4th of the movies. From “Gangs of New York” to “Slumdog Millionaire”, the source has always been a book. But don’t judge a book by its movie. The end result is never good.

Today, books do not stand on shelves. They are stored in drives. The traditional book-reading practice is fading fast. Kindles and iPads or any other tablets, though green and cheap, do not provide the same feeling while turning the pages of a book. I hate having to read a book online. It does not put me in a good mood and bores me after sometime. Holding the book in your hand and flipping through the pages is a much better way to read than just downloading and skimming through. Electronic media is perishable. They need battery life, warranty, protection from water, wind etc. Books are infinite.

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