Facebook Experiment: The Long Absence

Facebook ObsessionWhen there’s nothing to do at home or at work we all fall prey to opening Facebook and skimming through it’s pages. And why not? It’s a great place to kill time by reading useless and unnecessary updates (“Slept, showered, ate and sleeping again”), look at photos that have been put up with the intention only to get 10, 35, 108 or 297 likes and feed the uploader’s ego or simply waste time.

If it weren’t for Farmville I wouldn’t have been on Facebook and neither would half of the current users. And I gave up on Facebook pretty fast. Now I log in every 15 days and still find nothing interesting. No one misses me and I don’t miss anyone. And believe me, it feels good. If it weren’t for Facebook people would actually be playing outside, meeting friends in person or writing their thoughts in their journals/diaries rather than posting every insignificant thought for everyone to see. It seems life has value only if someone appreciates whatever we post on the “Wall”.

After many days of absence when I logged in I did not find a single useful update. Just some pictures of unnecessary things (Eg: Hit like if you’ve ever eaten sand, Share if you have only one eyebrow), updates about sleeping, eating and burping patterns and the feeling of life ebbing away as I read them.

Conclusion: Facebook gets worse by the day.


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