Nothing In Particular


That’s what life is about. Nothing in particular. No one was born with a specific agenda or itinerary. We are introduced to the world as a mirror reflecting the dreams of others. We learn the “what, where, why, how, who and when” from our surroundings and society. We then observe, learn, reason and react.

As we mature (physically, at least), we shape ourselves into a definition. The choice is ours. We become doctors, artists, musicians or politicians. Some for money and some for satisfaction. And we pursue it for years trying to beat ourselves and our peers in life’s race. We compete with one another to be the best. In doing so, we sometimes get trapped by life. We get pulled into debts, dissatisfaction and frustration. That is life’s way of testing us. The biggest punishment given by life is regret. It hurts more than any debt or disappointment. It’s the feeling of loss without having tried, the missed opportunity that was at the door and the choice that was ours to make. It’s up to us to make life into a dream or nightmare. But it is a necessary evil. Regret relieves our ego and gives us another chance.

The best gift that life offers is Time. Equally distributed to all. No one gets less and no one more. I believe we can do everything we want in this life. It’s just a matter of giving it, not just time, but the right time. We can learn, love, laugh and live as long as we give it enough time. Learning something new everyday keeps the brain active. Loving what you do will keep the heart happy. Spreading laughter will give peace. Laughing at ourselves gives confidence. And doing nothing in particular, just what we can and what we want to do, will keep us going on. Learn juggling, ride a roller coaster, jump on the bed, run a marathon or save the world. Anything that makes the burden small.

This post is my first milestone. My 50th (Yikes! On doomsday.). I am proud because I was unsure if I could write/post regularly. But I got over my laziness and reached here. And I am happy because I am doing something that I love.

Life is a journey of learning and realization. It’s about us and no one else. So embrace the life you have been gifted and live it with respect and pride. Life is, after all, Nothing in Particular.


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