Remembering Death

Everyone has to die one day. That’s the inevitable truth. Death brings with it an irreversible finality. But what is it about death that makes everyone a saint? Suddenly the person who died is blessed with good qualities. The most hated and feared person becomes angelic. The dumb idiot who was barely seen or heard becomes a “quiet and gentle human being”. Characters and their hosts are now respectable.

Eulogies are full of praise. Funerals are full of tears. What changes is the situation, not us. Speaking ill of the dead is frowned upon. So we steer clear of the anger and hate and become saints ourselves.

Harry Potter

Death changes our view of people. Someone who never heard a good word to their name is showered with niceties when they cannot hear anymore. Why do we wait till it is too late to praise someone? Why do we give death the power to bring out our true feelings? Is it that difficult to appreciate someone? What we forget is, appreciation brings confidence which we mistake as ego. Therefore we forget to encourage people around us. We forget to applaud them when they are among us. We are so caught up in pointing mistakes that we rarely see the good. We later cry for our mistakes rather than their loss. Thus, in death, all we are left with is regret for those actions and the resonance of empty words.


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