Innocence Lost – Stop Child Abuse

Innocence is a funny thing. The only time it’s with us is the time we don’t know what it is. And once gone, we are never the same again. There are times when we see something from our childhood and get nostalgic about it. It can be a trip to the beach, a long drive, an old friend or a lost pet. For some it may not be so, for the only thing they remember is the fear infused into the mind by an overly loving relative, a drunk parent, a tough father or anyone who thinks that innocence is an excuse for abuse.

Abuse can be of any nature. Sexual, physical, verbal, emotional, mental abuse, neglect and many more . These actions have a far greater impact on the child inside than outside. Abuse stays a lot deeper in the mind than scars that fade over time. Abused children may in turn become abusers themselves.

Children are not punching bags for parents’ problems, they are not sexual fantasies of older men, they are not the excuse for someone else’s shortcomings, they are not a burden that is to be lightened and they are not property to be used and abused. Disciplining a child is not the same as abusing. Discipline can be taught with love as well. Never use discipline as an excuse to hurt a child.

What they are is happiness undiluted by problems. They are untouched by hate, anger, loathing and loss. They need love, care and respect. Respect their innocence that they deserve. Let them enjoy the time they have laughing at each other, fighting over toys and making friends. Let them not live a life of fear.

Watch the video below. A nice way of telling, ‘Let children be children’.


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