Books: Our Best Friends

The greatest pleasure in the world is when we open a book and immerse ourselves in its journey. Here’s a tribute to my best friends.

Read_LonlinessThat’s why I read. (via)

Buy_BooksI spent Rs. 995 (approx) on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The best money I ever spent. (via)

HermioneThey would have been caught by Filch if it weren’t for her Alohomora and that would have ended the series. (The Harry Potter Alliance)

The-book-commits-suicideSo turn off America’s Got Talent, Indian Idol or any other show and open a book. Any book. (via)

True_PowerI never used any of my library cards. Never exercised the power. (via)

I_Prefer_BooksBecause books never leave. They stay with us forever. (Picture by: Cathy Thorne via)

Muggles_into_WizardsAnother way to enter Hogwarts. Read. Read. Read. (The Harry Potter Alliance)

WritingThe only companion for imagination. Write it down. (The Harry Potter Alliance)

Books_Make_A_DifferenceShare knowledge and spread the love. (via)

MalalaMore people like her to encourage and inspire. (via)

LiteracySo read, write, learn, educate and love. (Picture via)


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