Ma, Thank You For Never Letting Go

There are many people in our life who shape us into what we would ultimately become. It’s a gradual process with many inputs, trials and errors. However, throughout this journey there is always one person who will support us and accept our flaws. They will hold our hand till we learn to walk and then race with us. This person will not ask but expects our love. This person has to be revered and celebrated. Today is the celebration of a gift called Mother.


Here are four women who have held my hand and taught me the value of life.

  1. Avva – My Grandmother
    Of the four grandparents, she was the only one that I knew. She was a tough woman with a will to live life to the fullest. And that she did. There was never a dull moment with her. She was intelligent and smart. Many old people are happy to sit at home but Avva hated it. She would walk or work but never sit idle or waste time. Her passing (March 27, 2013) was a moment of shock to a lot of us. She fought till the end until it became too difficult to hang on. Her funeral was attended by everyone who knew and respected her. She taught me about discipline and hardwork. I, for one, thought she would live forever and I wish she had.
  2. Madhuri (Chitty) – My Cousin
    Chitty isn’t my cousin, she’s my best friend. She has always been the shoulder I cry on. She has always taken care of me despite me not doing the same for her. Though she has her ups and downs, she’s always there to support me. She has taught me to care for others and not to expect anything in return. Someday I wish I could give back the same love and support that she’s given me.
  3. Chaitra – My Sister
    My love for books is due to my sister. She has always been a bookworm. Always with her nose in one or the other book. Always reading. I’ve always looked up to her for her intelligence (and believe me she’s probably one of the smartest people in the world). She has been a self-reliant person all her life (something that she gets from my grandma). She hardly depends on anyone and, unlike me, is an independent spirit. She has taught me that being yourself is the greatest reward you can give yourself. No matter what people say about us, we have to endure them and continue our journey believing in ourselves and learning.
  4. My Mother

    There is only one great mother in the world, and every child is blessed with one.

    My mother has many sides to her. One time she’s this strict disciplinarian who needs things done her way, the next she’s a clown making jokes and laughing loudly. She’ll listen to me yelling at her for no reason and comes back after 5 minutes asking if I am hungry. She’ll be angry one day and talk to you like her best friend the next day. She’ll do all the household chores yet make time for herself. She’s independent, learned, smart, sweet, loving, caring, strict and funny. My mother is one of the two people I cannot live without (the other being my father). My mother has balanced her life in such a way that she neither neglects the house nor herself. And she does everything.
    She has taught me that I should love myself first and only then can I love others. Resentment manifests only if we do not put ourselves before everything else. Once we do so we will automatically love and care about others. Satisfaction is the key to a happy life. She has taught me to live life to the fullest and enjoy whatever I do. I hope when I become a mother I can apply the same principles she has taught me.

I’m sure everyone has such magical women in their lives who have helped them become a better person. Here’s a Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mummies who have made this world beautiful.


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