Facebook Experiment: Change Is The Only Constant

Facebook is famous for, among other things like following me to every site I go to, lurking around the comments section, prodding me to use it to comment on the site and generally being a pain in my Gluteus Maximus, changing the profile page from one to another. First it was the hideous timeline view that I didn’t really want. But Facebook is like an insurance salesman annoying urging you to adjust to something that you don’t really need and make your peace with it. Now I am very slow in the social media arena. So it takes a lot of time for me to understand and live with the new changes.

But then, just when I think I’ve succeeded in mastering it, Facebook slaps me with other, albeit minor, changes to the look.   Then the learning and understanding continue on. While most would welcome this change I don’t. And yes, my opinion doesn’t matter to Facebook. And as is with global warming I just have to deal with it.

To demonstrate the frustration of such changes watch this video by ExtremelyDecentFilms.


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