Book Challenge: Read A Book Chosen For 2013 World Book Night

In keeping with my previous post about the book challenge I’ve completed the first challenge. As I looked through the entries for the 2013 World Book Night, I found many interesting and new authors. One that caught my eye was “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. I was very happy for two reasons. One – it was a book that I already had with me. Two – I had heard so much about the book that I wanted to read it but never got around to. Finally, I did and here’s the review.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist talks about a boy who has always done what he’s wanted. Always pursued his dreams. Always traveled. And has almost always lived the way he’s wanted. A gypsy predicts a treasure that awaits him in Egypt and thus begins his journey to find it. On the way he encounters different people, a king, a shopkeeper, an Englishman, the love of his life and an alchemist. These people influence him in his decisions to meet his destiny. How he finally, with all their help, reaches his goal and the lessons he learns during the journey shape the story.

While reading this book I felt that I too could do whatever I wanted if I put my heart to it. I too can do something if I follow the omens. And maybe I will. The book is short and simple. It does not drag and narrates to the point. It talks about dreams and their fulfillment. It personifies the elements of nature (wind, sun etc) who are here to help us in our quest. It talks about the obstacles we have to ultimately face and overcome. It explains that the power to achieve your dreams is possible only if you never give up the pursuit.

All in all, my first challenge was thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring.


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