In Silence They Suffer

Satan’s spawn is what I secretly call little Ms. Harry (my cat). To my mother, she’s an angel. Even as I am writing this she’s ruining my brand new laundry bag. She’s wrecked our sofa by digging her tiny little paws with wolverine nails into them. She has scratched every visible inch of my hand and bragged about it to my mother who, incidentally found it amusing. Poor me. But whenever I look at those tiny scheming eyes of hers it all seems worth it. Adopting little Harry was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

That’s what pets are for. They are our companions during happy times and our support during sad ones. There are many stories of animals rescuing their human parents from fires and other disasters sometimes giving up their lives. And I’m not talking only about dogs here. Any animal, if provided with proper love and care, will always be our best friend. Then is it not our duty to protect them from harm and abandonment?

Today an article in the paper (Bangalore Mirror, May 28th 2013) caught my attention. It mentioned two people who just dumped a dog, a German Shepherd, on the street and left the scene. Thankfully it was rescued by CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action) and is apparently doing well. If people are unwilling to look after these mute creatures why breed/buy/adopt them at all? If the same situation was to involve a child all hell would break loose. I’m not saying that a child’s well-being is less important than an animal’s. But isn’t all life the same? A child can at least talk and share its problems. Animals do not have that privilege.


Next time if you adopt (Please adopt), buy or breed (Please don’t. Animals are not commodities to be bought. They are living beings.) animals please consider it a responsibility and do so only if you are willing to care for them till the end. Else please refrain from doing it. It isn’t fair for an animal to suffer just because you lost interest in it. If there comes a situation where you have to give up the animal, find a new home for it, comfort it and bid goodbye.

Animals are not a fancy accessory for homes. They are a part of our family and it is our duty as parents to give them a lovely and happy life.


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