Internet Explorer Grief

Everyone has been through the dreaded IE disease. Ironically I tried to post this using IE. It showed its true colours and never even opened. Here’s a tribute to everyone’s most loved browser.

  1. Accidents can be horrible.InternetExplorer (7)
  2. It is useful for something.InternetExplorer (5)
  3. Innocents are unaware of the consequences. InternetExplorer (3)
  4. Take expert advice.InternetExplorer (2)
  5. Never listen to the Devil.InternetExplorer (10)
  6. Support? Yeah right!InternetExplorer (1)
  7. Don’t be fooled by its looks.InternetExplorer (9)
  8. The nightmare of web developers.InternetExplorer (6)
  9. Discretion guaranteed. InternetExplorer (8)
  10. I leave you with these words. InternetExplorer (1)

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