Book Challenge: Read A Book In One Calendar Day

It’s been over three weeks since I set myself the book challenge. I had completed only one so far. Now I’ve completed a second one. I’ve read a book in a calendar day.


The book is part II of a trilogy (so I may complete another challenge this week). It’s called “The Secret of the Nagas”, part of the Shiva Trilogy by Indian author Amish Tripathi. I finished the first book and immediately started the second one today morning. It was over at about 9:30 PM. I would not be reviewing the book yet. I’ll finish the final book and review all three together.

Sadly I have yet to complete Memoirs of a Geisha. Book readers please note, NEVER watch the movie till you’ve finished reading the book. Now that I know the ending it’s taking me longer to finish. But slowly I’m making my way through the challenge and juggling the unfinished book as well.

So wish me luck.


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