Exotic – Pitbull ft. Priyanka Chopra

It’s been a long time since I wrote about a song that I liked (or disliked). I’ve had the chance to discover great songs and enjoy their pleasures (some guilty). I’ve listened to good songs and bad ones and riddikulus (Harry Potter fan you see) ones. There were songs that I listened to for four days straight and those that did not hold my attention even for a few seconds. So when I heard this song, I didn’t know what to say. Finally I do.

“Exotic” is a song by rapper Pitbull. It features Indian actress Priyanka Chopra in an extended cameo. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says ‘exotic’? The beach, of course. The song begins with the exotic lady, Priyanka, frolicking in the water in Bollywood-open-arms style. 5 seconds into the video we get a generous view of Ms. Chopra’s exotic butt in a near-nude swimsuit. After a few hair whips and dips in the water and catwalking in the swimsuit, the song begins.

There’s talk about feeling exotic, global warming in the tropics, Mumbai and Cuba (Priyanka and Pitbull, nice touch), something about Rio, Pitbull’s blah, a Hindi couplet, lots of hair, less clothing, bad dancing and Priyanka’s signature I’m-a-cool-rapper moves.

I have not put the wrong title. In four and a half minutes of the song, Priyanka Chopra sings the same two paragraphs four times. That’s 54 words repeated 4 times. Whereas Pitbull has just two different paragraphs of 150 words. Excluding repetition, Pitbull has the edge over Priyanka. That’s 150 words to Priyanka’s 54. Therefore, it’s Pitbull ft. Priyanka and not the other way around.

To make this song appealing to Indian audiences and promote Priyanka Chopra as the next brand ambassador of India (after Aishwarya Rai) we need two ingredients:

  1. Use the word ‘Mumbai’ or ‘Bollywood’ or ‘Desi Girl’ (I see what you did there) in some obscure part of the song.
  2. Make sure to mention the beauty pageant title won by the singer to emphasize uh…umm…whatever. Just remember she was Miss World 2000.
  3. Add really useless lyrics in Hindi so that the International (*cough*American*cough*) audience understand the Bollywoodness of the song.

This song reminded me of “Rain Over Me” where Pitbull had more to rap than Marc Anthony had to sing. The saving grace of the song is that Pitbull correctly pronounces Priyanka’s name. She is listed as one of the songwriters. I think the only part she wrote were the four Hindi lines. In that case I’m a songwriter too. Yay! It’s not a bad song. Priyanka Chopra is not a bad singer. She has a nice voice and has the potential to do a lot better than this. It’s easy on the ears but it definitely is forgettable.


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