Facebook Experiment: ‘Share’ – The New Chain Letter

In the beginning, there was the snail mail where disgruntled people would type (on typewriters not computers) long letters and send it to unsuspecting people urging them to send the same mail to 10 or 20 other unsuspecting and disgruntled people. This continued on to the internet generation where the email helped spread the luck faster. The mobile/smartphone generation caught on sooner. Today, the Facebook generation has a new way of spreading ‘luck’. It’s very simple. It’s called the Share button.

Many times my Facebook wall is flooded with pictures of some God or words from scripture. It tells me that if I do not share the picture within the specified time (usually 2 seconds – 5 seconds) I will have bad luck for ‘n’ number of years. Sometimes it’s not a chain share, it’s the picture of a dog or flower or a pile of newspapers or things like the one below.


Things that will happen if I share the picture:

  1. I will be blessed by the deity in the said picture.
  2. I will not face the wrath of the parent of the animal in the picture.
  3. I will be hailed as a patriot.
  4. I will realize all my dreams, grow wings and fly like an eagle.

Things that will happen if I do not share the picture:

  1. I will be cursed with bad luck for many years.
  2. It will cement my reputation as an animal hater.
  3. I will become a disrespectful person.
  4. My toenails will fall off one after another and get mixed with the water on Mars and will be hurled into space towards Jupiter where they will forever lie in the Chamber of Secrets.

Some people sink to a new low. By posting pictures of fallen soldiers with captions such as ‘1 share = 1 salute’ or ‘like if you respect this hero’. And these pictures form a long trail. I strongly opine, if you want to respect the people who have sacrificed themselves for you please find out the name of the person in the picture that you want me to share. Their name should be immortalized not just a random picture found on a social networking site. That’s true respect.

The Share feature is useful in many ways. It helps to spread goodwill or promote a business. But asking me to share pictures of utterly useless things and cursing me with bad luck for not doing so is just wrong. I would love it if people share things like blood donations, missing people, unsung heroes, good articles etc.

Social media is stronger now than it ever was and it would do us a lot of good if it was put to good use.


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