Parental Guidance

We’ve all failed. At something. Sometime. Life is hard but we trudge through it. At times we tend to project our frustrations by means of blame. And more often than not, at the receiving end, we have our parents. They are our easiest and best targets. Any missed opportunity is because they didn’t give us one. Poverty is because they didn’t earn enough. Bad grades are because they didn’t provide enough light in the room. We fell because they didn’t build a proper road. We marinate in our failures until it seasons into hatred.


My question. Why should they have done anything at all? They could have easily abandoned us (or worse) and pursued their passion. Instead they made us a part of their life and shaped us into who we are today. They have provided us with more than what we need to survive. An education, a home, food and clothing are the most important things that a person needs. And we got it free of charge. They prided themselves whenever we achieved something even if it was something small. They talked about how we  came 10th in the running race as if we had won the first place. They celebrated our birthday even after we turned old enough to hate birthdays (my dad stays awake till 12 and wishes me at midnight every year on my birthday). We yell at them for no reason other than to vent out frustrations and they listen with muted hurt. In return our parents are not asking for anything. All they want is our love and support. To be there for them as they were for us. Not to remember birthdays but to not forget them.

The counter argument would be; what about parents who haven’t done anything for their kids? Those who have abused and scarred their kids for life? Those who have spewed only hatred on their children and taught them to fear love? Yes. For every good parent there is a not-so-good one. Parents who abandon or kill their children in the name of gender, honour, societal pressure or family are in plenty. Drunk parents who beat their children for ruining their (pathetic) life are abundant. I say; learn not to become like them. Aspire to become a better person.

Funny Parents

Always remember, if you have good parents aspire to become like them when you have your own kids. If your parents were not good, then become a better parent than them. Either way you can only become better. A win-win situation. So next time you find yourself complaining about missed opportunities, assess why. See where you went wrong. Don’t blame it on anyone especially your parents.


This is my 100th post and firstly I would like to thank everyone who has read and followed this blog. Secondly, I would like to apologize. My posts have been infrequent (this post was to be published on 13th September, my blog’s one year anniversary). This is partly due to my work schedule but not due to lack of ideas. I’ve been overwhelmed by irritation, frustration, vexation and exasperation. Hence my reviews, book challenges and posts have slowed down. I’ve come up with a schedule and I hope it will work.


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