Photography: Vision or Visual?

My Facebook wall is sometimes bombarded with photos of random stuff clicked by random people that were either shared or liked or uploaded. What is amazing is some pictures have a watermark on them stating XYZ Photography or Photos by ABC. It’s funny because the pictures are usually not good. Come on! Let’s get real. A photo should be a unique emotion; something that has never been conveyed before.

What's the point here exactly?
What’s the point here exactly? (Source)

Not everyone with a camera is a photographer. Everyone with a DSLR (I bet half of those who own one don’t even know its full form) is definitely not working for the National Geographic. But yeah, it has become cool to own one. Endless sunsets, wet leaves, fingernails, garbage heaps and everything becomes worthy of a click. And these pictures are not reflective of anything other than the fact that an image from a DSLR gives a person the false impression of being a photographer. There are those who buy a DSLR camera with the intention of learning the specifics. You know, focus, aperture, flash etc. But in the long run it will not ensure that the individual becomes a good photographer. No. National Geographic will not contact them just because they took pictures of a monkey sitting on a branch eating a banana in a zoo. 

NGC called. I'm in.
NGC called. I’m in.

If I seem a bit harsh it’s only because I believe that a photographer is one who creates a vision rather than just a beautiful visual. With editors like Photoshop, and Instagram photography is a mere point-and-shoot circus. In days of yore, a photograph was reserved for the most important memory to be captured because there was a limit to the number of pictures one could take. My camera could take only 36 pictures. There were no reviews, no wasted shots (no one needed 60 pictures of the same modelesque pose), and definitely no Photoshop. Today, the vision no longer exists. It’s the same story over and over again. Every picture is same as the next. Nothing is unique. Creativity is non-existent. A good photographer will achieve the vision even with a point-and-shoot camera.

A beautiful suicide. Photographer: Robert Wiles.
A beautiful suicide.
Photographer: Robert Wiles. (Source)

I am not a photographer, not even an amateur. I mostly take pictures of my cat and family or work events on my Sony Cybershot. I do love to experiment though. But I am not in any way a photographer. I do love good photographers and their amazing creations. It’s just that in the sea of freelance, mobile, wedding, amateur, nature, wildlife and many other so-called photographers I have rarely found anyone who actually can visually unveil the vision. By the way, I just learned DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex. Hurrah!


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