A Little Motivation Can Go A Long Way

Mondays are depressing for many of us. Every Monday I look at the traffic on the street, impatient drivers, irritable conductors, endless signals, bottlenecks and wonder if all this makes sense. Is all this chaos worth it? To go to a place where I am a humanoid robot, tapping away on my keyboard. Seeing others pursue their dreams and move forward whereas I’m stuck in this infinite work loop.

Then again, everyone’s journey is different. Everyone’s goals are different. And everyone’s life is different. Just because person ‘A’ achieved something at 25 doesn’t mean everyone has to do the same at that age. Everyone’s timeline is different.

That’s how I keep myself going. My glory days are yet to come. Till then, I’ll build my dreams; for when they become a reality only then will I truly appreciate myself. My journey may be long, but it sure is one hell of a great ride.


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