The Curious Case of Sunny Leone

You read it right. I’m talking about Sunny Leone, the pornographic actress.

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A few years ago newspapers were abuzz with news (and I’m using the word news loosely) about Indian cinema on the international stage. This was due to the introduction of foreign stars like Sylvester Stallone, Denise Richards, and Camilla Belle who have acted in bit-roles or insignificant roles in really bad movies.

2012 saw the arrival of Sunny Leone into mainstream Indian cinema with the movie Jism 2. So naturally the media went haywire. Lawsuits were filed against Mahesh Bhatt and Co (like it was something new), religious and political fanatics issued threats, posters were burnt, and the media circus ensued.

This was obviously the expected reaction. When a porn star is starring in a Bollywood movie, she is of course promoting pornography, isn’t she? She was single-handedly pushing the limits of tolerance in Bollywood. Because as we all know Bollywood is a sea of decency and demureness. Skin show is what people like Sunny Leone promote since Dhoom 1, 2, and 3 were about chaste wives in Kanjeevaram saris waiting for their husbands to return from robbing banks.

The problem was that there was no problem. Jism 2 was a mediocre movie with the same amount of sex and nudity in many of Bollywood’s mainstream movies. The only difference was that the lead actress was from a pornographic background. The greatest threat to India is pornography. This is a woman who has always done what she has wanted, has been successful at it, is an entrepreneur, and is proudly independent. And that is the real threat to Indian society; a woman who willingly enters a profession where sex is the primary and only qualification required and is unapologetic about it. She enjoys her profession and is not shamed by it. This is the real problem. Sex is about power; and power in the hands of a woman is unacceptable in Indian society.

The media’s point of focus with her movies is always the same; Sunny Leone – The Pornstar; not Sunny Leone – the entrepreneur, the actress, the woman. It seems that these “activists” focus more on her career between the legs rather than concentrate on the steps she’s taken to achieve success. They are more concerned about Sunny Leone than real issues that infest their beloved country.

Personally, I love Sunny Leone. She’s smart, confident, beautiful, and independent. As an actress though, she has along way to go.


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