The Pursuit of Happiness (Through Money?)

Money cannot buy peace of mind. It cannot heal ruptured relationships, or build meaning into a life that has none.

– Richard M. DeVos

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A young colleague of mine was rather upset today. She was worried that her current job was not right for someone fresh out of college. She wanted a more “respectable” job. These thoughts weren’t her fault. Her classmates (who are unemployed) were putting these thoughts into her head. They were apparently taking up courses for a “developer” job which, according to them, was a “better option” than her meager support one. Meaning, the developer job would pay more and is far more respectable than her current job.

This got me thinking of the things I’d been told when I started working. Not a good job, just XYZ job, salary is so less, ABC’s salary is so much, the company sent EFG to the US and many such tunes warmed my ears. Money this, money that, salary this, designation that. How much money is required to be happy? What’s the cost of happiness? What is the designation required for a job to be respectable? While I agree money makes life a little easy, it doesn’t always make life happy. There is something called satisfaction and money can never offer that.

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