Sometimes I Wonder…

When I am daydreaming or hanging around idly, these are a few thoughts that pop into my head.

Random_Thoughts (11)

This is true of every traveller.

Random_Thoughts (9)

I got through level 7 using a cheat code and continued on splendidly. And I had the same phone as pictured. Still do.

Random_Thoughts (8)

Well! The ones I have are awesome though.

Random_Thoughts (7)

I will probably need a week’s notice to get out of bed.

Random_Thoughts (2)

Don’t we all?

Random_Thoughts (3)

Speaks for itself.

Random_Thoughts (4)

So true.

Random_Thoughts (5)

And the headache due to the double lens does not help.
Random_Thoughts (1)

Indian drivers know best.

Random_Thoughts (10)

Trapped, aren’t we?

All pictures from here.


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