It’s Resolution (Making & Breaking) Time

Hey, all! Happy New Year (19 days later). I started 2016 just like last year. Woke up, looked in the mirror, and deftly went back to sleep. For me, January 1 is a day like any other. Nothing new. It took 365 days for the New Year to reach and rid us of the crap fest that was 2015. Most of you will agree that the last year was not a very pleasant one. Controversies, hate, ignorance, intolerance, sadness, and a great deal of irritability ruled our lives every day. Everybody rang in the New Year with a new hope, I’m sure. We’ve all made resolutions and since it’s day 19 already, we’ve already broken about 22 of them.


Are resolutions so hard to keep? Maybe it’s the irrational ones that are easy to break. Looking at so many lists, I felt even I had to share a list of things to do in 2016. Time for fresh starts. Here are a few resolutions that we should strive to keep.

  1. I will not share or post unnecessary information on social media: It’s great that you have a life. It’s even greater for you if your life is better than someone else’s. A lot of people don’t care if you went to the gym, had breakfast, ate a funny whelk, or did any of the things normal human beings do.
  2. I will not share or post things from unreliable sources, i.o.w, I will check facts and then share my views: My newsfeed (news! yeah right!) is a flurry of really useless stuff that is, mostly, untrue. Not only does this cause unwanted tensions and fights, it makes you look like an idiot. A good example: I once posted my reason for liking Daniel Radcliffe (yum!) as “He’s Harry Potter. Plus he has green eyes.” My friend pointed out that he didn’t and that left me red in the face.
  3. I will not act like a douchebag if someone’s opinion differs from mine: There can be 100 reasons for liking or following or believing in something and 100 reasons for not. Understand that there is no right or wrong to any issue, there is only perspective. You are allowed to disagree (respectfully) but you cannot dismiss someone’s opinion because it doesn’t satisfy your terms and conditions.
  4. I will not turn debates into arguments: Adding to the point above, a debate is a discussion from various perspectives that involves listening as much as talking. An argument is a one-sided rant going nowhere. So, be the bigger person and debate about topics without arguing. Be a better listener.
  5. I will be 10% nicer to all creatures, great and small: Initially, I typed 1% but that hardly amounts to anything. 10% is more substantial, isn’t it? Treat animals with care. They are more loyal than friends, they are more comforting than ice cream, and they are the only ones who can make you truly happy. Don’t hurt them, hit them, or cause them harm without reason (for fun is not a valid reason).
  6. I will support and admire, but not idolize my role models: Many times people tend to focus on the person promoting a cause rather than the cause itself. Don’t blindfold yourself or jump in the well because your role model did so or said so. Think for 2 minutes. Do you really care about animals or are you holding signs to click a selfie with Pamela Anderson? Do you have a legitimate reason to shun certain sections of people or do you do it because some random “godman” or “politician” on television said so? Your political views, religious beliefs, television preferences, salad dressing colours, books to read, clothes to wear etc. are your choices, so keep it that way. Do not deify anyone.
  7. I will explore things that are new and interesting to me: If you want to lose weight, learn to play the Bansuri, master Jenga (is that possible?), eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, or simply sit in a different position and watch TV all day, do it. Embrace your choices.
  8. I will accept I have faults and be okay with it: You are not, nor will you ever, in a million millennia be perfect. And that’s the best quality in you. Fitting into a mould is the worst possible thing you can do to yourself. Think of it this way, One person’s mould is another person’s coffin.
  9. I will keep poison out of my life: Poison comes in both physical and mental forms. Physical, we can take care of, but the mental ones aren’t easy. This is because we fail to recognize the signs. Anybody or anything that causes you distress should go. Some, like friends, family, colleagues, jobs, are difficult to rid, but you have to focus on not letting them overpower and control your life.
  10. I will declare that I am the best I can be and no one can change that: Learning to love oneself is not selfish. Living for others is great but living for yourself is greater. Only when you are happy can you keep someone else you love, happy. And this can only happen if you love yourself despite what people may infer, confer, differ, or prefer. Chase your dreams and do not let anyone pull you down.

Is this too much to ask ourselves? I certainly don’t think so. These are easy to do and all they require is will power that comes from within us. Our mind is a fascinating galaxy of thoughts and ideas that are marred by voices we put into our heads. Let us clear our brains and focus on making the best of our life. After all, we have only one chance at life and we cannot screw it up.

What do you think of my list? Is there something that needs to be added here? Please share your thoughts.

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