Hired Bride – Noelle Adams

I prefer reading books the traditional way; by flipping page after page of sumptuous words oozing emotions. Hired Bride, the first book in the Beaufort Brides series, came to me through Kindle, a medium that I’ve struggled to accept because of my snobby attitude and preference to paper books. My book challenge for this year is 52 books in 52 weeks. Thus, I was determined to read no matter the medium or genre.


When Deanna Beaufort agrees to marry Mitchell Graves for 6 months, she’s doing it to please her grandmother and repair the legacy of the house she holds so dear; both physically and emotionally. Mitchell, someone who’s always taken the easy route for everything, hopes that this union will help him with an important business deal. Both are not ready for the roller-coaster ride, their feelings will endure. Will they give in to their feelings and stay together or honour the agreement and part ways?

Though it’s a straightforward romance with a predictable plot, the characters keep you engaged. Deanna comes off as a damsel in distress most of the time. There are a few moments where she excels in confronting Mitchell, but overall she’s lukewarm. Mitchell is the standard template protagonist – charming, handsome, rich, brilliant, etc. The supporting characters, on the other hand, are hilarious and appealing. Deanna’s sisters are a sharp contrast to her personality. Her grandmother’s quirkiness is the foundation for most of the hilarity.

There are a lot of passionate, intimate, and sensitive moments that are quite gripping. There are moments when the story drags a bit, but these lapses can be forgiven. Deanna’s traditional outlook on love and marriage is dead opposite to Mitchell’s, who likes quickies and one-night stands. The development of the story is focused on how both embrace each other’s values and grow close to one another. It makes for a nice mushy romance.

This book is a good read if you have a couple of hours to kill and a good reader (because it’s an e-book) with you. It is a good start for a series that looks interesting to explore.

Genre: Romance

Overall Experience: Good

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