It’s Resolution (Making & Breaking) Time

Hey, all! Happy New Year (19 days later). I started 2016 just like last year. Woke up, looked in the mirror, and deftly went back to sleep. For me, January 1 is a day like any other. Nothing new. It took 365 days for the New Year to reach and rid us of the crap fest that was 2015. Most of you will agree that the last year was not a very pleasant one. Controversies, hate, ignorance, intolerance, sadness, and a great deal of irritability ruled our lives every day. Everybody rang in the New Year with a new hope, I’m sure. We’ve all made resolutions and since it’s day 19 already, we’ve already broken about 22 of them.


Are resolutions so hard to keep? Maybe it’s the irrational ones that are easy to break. Looking at so many lists, I felt even I had to share a list of things to do in 2016. Time for fresh starts. Here are a few resolutions that we should strive to keep.



A Child-free Happy Life

How do you measure satisfaction? What makes you you? How is your life defined? I often ask these questions to myself. The best answer is that my life is defined by my choices. Good or bad; they are mine. If I jump from a building tomorrow (with a parachute, of course), it’s because I want to experience bungee jumping.

I do not love definitions. Not only are they limiting, but are unnecessary. I am terrified when I get asked “Tell me about yourself” in interviews. And this is where the problem begins. As a person of the female being, society has conveniently put my existence into 3 categories. First, as someone’s daughter. Second, as someone’s wife. Third, as someone’s mother. This is what rattles my bones the most because society has programmed a woman to think that her life centres around servitude and dependence.

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My Darkness

Ever been in a situation where you have a lot to say but when you try to speak no words escape your lips. Ever felt that the good you try to see in people is a facade put up by them. Ever got hurt so much that you felt crying will make it worse. Depression_1

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We Should All Be Feminists

In an earlier post, I argued about how certain men distort the meaning of Feminism and make it about themselves. I believed that this discrimination existed only around me and my world. After listening to a TEDx talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Continue Reading

The Argumentative Indian Male and the Need for Feminism in India

Feminism sucks! What is feminism anyway? Isn’t it anti-male propaganda? Women are victims. So what? Men are greater victims, aren’t they? Women have been shouting about “women issues” time and time again. Do we really need to hear it? It has been done to death. Women issues are just complaints. Why do they exaggerate everything? 90% of rape cases filed by women are false. It is just an attention-seeking tactic. Feminism only spreads hatred. Women blame men for their own inadequacies. Now where are the sandwiches?

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The Wrong Debate: Why Do We Idolize Rather Than Admire?

The Great Indian Election Circus has ended in Karnataka. While some voted, some vetoed. Facebook is abuzz with pictures of inked fingers (thumbs, this year). People proud of having done their part in choosing a leader who will bring the country out of its misery. The winner has already been decided by popular polls and media hype. I am just glad that this drama will finally come to an end on 16th May 2014. I can finally skim through Facebook without having to look at fanboy posts about their favourites. And what fanboys they are!

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The Devdas Syndrome – Turning Heartbreak Into Hatred

Everyone has had the pleasure of having dumped someone. Most of us have faced the pain of being dumped. Some of us have cried for sometime and (hopefully) have moved on. We’ve emerged better than before, having experienced love and loss. Others not so much. They wallow in their sorrow and turn bitter. This is especially true of boys.  Now, I am not being biased. I am sharing an experience that I have seen far too many times.


Devdas: The Tragic Hero

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