It’s Resolution (Making & Breaking) Time

Hey, all! Happy New Year (19 days later). I started 2016 just like last year. Woke up, looked in the mirror, and deftly went back to sleep. For me, January 1 is a day like any other. Nothing new. It took 365 days for the New Year to reach and rid us of the crap fest that was 2015. Most of you will agree that the last year was not a very pleasant one. Controversies, hate, ignorance, intolerance, sadness, and a great deal of irritability ruled our lives every day. Everybody rang in the New Year with a new hope, I’m sure. We’ve all made resolutions and since it’s day 19 already, we’ve already broken about 22 of them.


Are resolutions so hard to keep? Maybe it’s the irrational ones that are easy to break. Looking at so many lists, I felt even I had to share a list of things to do in 2016. Time for fresh starts. Here are a few resolutions that we should strive to keep.



Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2013

2012 is gone. A roller-coaster ride has ended. In these 12 months, I have witnessed a lot of things that need to be changed. About me and about my society. Society is a limited entity that nurtures changes but takes time, a long time, to accept them. But there are things we can do to become better people.

And that’s what the new year’s itinerary should read. Change. For the better. So here’s to a new beginning. Let us make resolutions to be better people and spread laughter and love. Let us thank everyone who gave us those moments of joy. Let us apologize to those we’ve hurt. Let us abandon our ego and embrace friendship.

Let this year be about learning and living. Let us be fair. Let us create a society with respect and dignity, where differences are embraced and similarities are shared. Let us stand united against hatred and learn to love. For it is the only way we can find happiness and peace.