A Child-free Happy Life

How do you measure satisfaction? What makes you you? How is your life defined? I often ask these questions to myself. The best answer is that my life is defined by my choices. Good or bad; they are mine. If I jump from a building tomorrow (with a parachute, of course), it’s because I want to experience bungee jumping.

I do not love definitions. Not only are they limiting, but are unnecessary. I am terrified when I get asked “Tell me about yourself” in interviews. And this is where the problem begins. As a person of the female being, society has conveniently put my existence into 3 categories. First, as someone’s daughter. Second, as someone’s wife. Third, as someone’s mother. This is what rattles my bones the most because society has programmed a woman to think that her life centres around servitude and dependence.

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A Painfully Low Decibel Movie Review – Vivah


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The Argumentative Indian Male and the Need for Feminism in India

Feminism sucks! What is feminism anyway? Isn’t it anti-male propaganda? Women are victims. So what? Men are greater victims, aren’t they? Women have been shouting about “women issues” time and time again. Do we really need to hear it? It has been done to death. Women issues are just complaints. Why do they exaggerate everything? 90% of rape cases filed by women are false. It is just an attention-seeking tactic. Feminism only spreads hatred. Women blame men for their own inadequacies. Now where are the sandwiches?

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Of Mindsets And Men

Watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix today I remembered a conversation between me and a colleague. It transpired a few months ago. The discussion (or rather, argument) began when this colleague of mine came over to my desk for a little small talk. I was skimming through an article about the movie. It included a few pictures of the very beautiful Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood in the movies, at a red carpet event.

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Movie Review: Matrubhoomi – A Nation Without Women

matribhumiMovieMatrubhoomi – A Nation Without Women

Year of Release: 2003

Language: Hindi

Starring: Tulip Joshi and Sushanth Singh.

A few weeks ago at the Cannes Film Festival Mallika Sherawat said something that shook the very foundation of India. She said, “India is a regressive nation to women“. People from all walks and drives of India were livid. “How dare she insult India?” “She’s a has-been. A wannabe”. Blah! blah! blah! “India is the beacon of hope for women where rapes and other horrific crimes against women are passé”. Popular actress and former Miss World Priyanka Chopra openly expressed her displeasure at Mallika. But what Priyanka and others don’t understand is that Mallika Sherawat had openly stated a fact. Something that neither Miss Worlds Priyanka Chopra or Aishwarya Rai (Indian media’s strong women apparently) have the courage to say.

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