Who Am I?

Hey there! This blog is where I write about my world. I love experimenting, travelling, writing and, most importantly, messing with people. My experiments and observations let me understand people better. This blog is my window to share my experiences, thoughts, interests and loves. Between home, work (yes, I am employed), my cat, eating, and sleeping I try to squeeze in my time and make sure I post regularly.

I write about movies, society, my Facebook pranks, life and much more.

Why do I write about books?

There’s absolutely no greater pleasure for me than reading a book. I have a mini library at home. My parents, sister, cousins, aunts, friends are all book readers and proud of it. I will be buried with my books.

Why dwell on issues?

I am playing a small part in spreading awareness and in my own small way trying to erase ignorance, injustice, and hatred.

Why do I review movies? 

Though I’m not a movie buff, I do watch a lot of movies. As an audience, I am entitled to write why I love or do not love a movie. If people have invested their time and money and have convinced me to pay my hard-earned money to watch their movie, it better be good.

Why music? 

If movies are food, music is water. If movies are the pen, music is the ink. If movies are the book, music is the paper. Music, like books, is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

Why “Just for Laughs”?

Why not just for laughs? Laughter lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, improves memory, creativity, alertness, is a natural, free face massage, and so much more. Do we need a reason to laugh?

Why Random posts? 

Everything is difficult to compartmentalize and define. Sometimes we all need a little randomness.

Why the grudge against Facebook? 

Not grudge, really. I like Facebook, but I dislike what it has done to people. My experiments are just funny things I do to prove how deep Facebook is in people’s lives. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t take off, and most of the time it backfires and I start hanging around it.

I welcome you to my thoughts, my views, and my world.

4 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Welcome…… I love incredible India and if you are interested in that wonderful country, you might want to check-out my blog which is mostly about India and some US things as well….talesalongtheway.com Namaste. . .Anne

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