Best Arguments and Protest Signs

Sometimes, I feel the world is changing for the best and we are fighting for the right causes. Most of these are signs for legalizing same-sex marriage. I agree with ALL of them. Arguments against same-sex marriage almost always cite the Bible and Christ. Arguments for same-sex marriage cite only love. I would rather love while I am alive than harbour ignorance expecting some form of nirvana after I die.

Best Protest Signs (16)

Best Protest Signs (13)Jesus didn’t say anything.


Best Protest Signs (19)Happiness and freedom are meant only for heterosexual and white people. What a bunch of boohockey.


Best Protest Signs (5)Nuff said. 


Best Protest Signs (18)That’s going to be an awesome party.


Best Protest Signs (17)Safe clothing for all.


Best Protest Signs (9)Love the do and glasses.


Best Protest Signs (22)This says it all.

 Best Protest Signs (21)I don’t see anyone protesting these. Hypocrites.


Best Protest Signs (23)Beautifully explained. Hats off to this person.


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